4.10  Local Tags (Screen Tags)

Local Tags (also called Screen Tags) are useful in creating animation and calculations for use in graphic displays without using up constant tags, calculation tags or accumulation tags.

Local Screen tags are tags that act like constant points; their values can be  analog, digital or text and can be changed during run-time by Operators using VIEW. However, screen tags are used for VIEW only and are independent of the IO tags used by the Kernel.

Also called Local Tags are "local" to the graphic display they are assigned. The value of a Local Tag can be different on each Client and are independent of the value on other clients.  They are independent of the value on other displays on the same Client.

Local Tags are built in the  DRAW (the graphics Builder) using the Local Tags editor  from either the tool bar  Tools -> Local Tags or Set Graph Parameters. Local Screen Tags are assigned to graphics using DRAW using Set Graph Parameters. Local Tags have no alarming and few of the features of IO Tags.

Scripts and Displays use local tags to store results, read operator inputs and create complex calculations. By using local screen tags in Scripts and Displays, you do not decrease your licensed tag count. There is no limit to number of local screen tags in WebAccess. 

Local Screen Tags exist on the Client. If multiple Clients are viewing the same display, each client will have a different value for that screen tag. These are not "Global" hence the term "Local".

Local Tags are temporary to the display. Calling a new display erases them from memory.

Local tags can also be associated with Video, to enable scripts that rotate from camera to camera or other customization

The Local Tag File contains the Local Tags to be assigned to a graphic.  You can repeatedly assign this local tag file to many graphic displays in order to use the same local tags over and over. These are a Local Tag file configured DRAW using Set Graph Parameters.

You can use the same Local Tag file on multiple displays.

Local Tags are not limited by tag count.

 You can export tag file configuration information to a text file so that the configuration can be viewed and edited using a text editor, such as Notepad. This is also a convenient way to export or import to another node or project. The modified screen tag text file can then be imported back to DRAW .