Alarm Delay Time in milliseconds.  Specifies the time in Milliseconds for a tag to be beyond an alarm limit, before an alarm state is generated. Tag fields exist for discrete tags’ multiple delay times. Tag fields for each state’s alarm delay time are added. They are DELAY0, DELAY1, …, DELAY7. The maximum value for each alarm delay time is 6,000,000 milliseconds.The idea is to prevent noise or an alarm bouncing near an alarm limit. The SCADA node waits this period of time before sending alarm messages, if during this waiting period, the tag returns to a non-alarm value, then no alarm message is generated. If Reflect On Line changes to Database is enabled, changes will be saved in the Configuration Database on the Project Node (i.e. become permanent).

Range:              0 - 6,000,000
Units:                Milliseconds 
Field Type:        Analog
Configuration:    Alarm Delay Time
Tag fields:
         .DELAY0, .DELAY1, .DELAY2, .DELAY3, .DELAY4, .DELAY5, .DELAY6, .DELAY7       

See Also, Alarm Delay Time