Kernel Running Mode of SCADA node.  COMMUNICATION is "Communications Mode" with the SCADA node communicating over ports to automation devices (PLCs, IO, etc.) The Hardkey and matching software license control file are required for Communications Mode. 

SIMULATION mode initializes tag values to ½ span.  Operators can change setpoints. Alarms will occur. There is no communication to field devices. If the Tag count TTLIOTag exceeds the license TagLimit, node will be forced into Simulation mode.

%DKRLMODE can be changed from COMM to SIMU with using the Administrator account (Admin) or any user  with 127 security level.


Syntax:         %TKRLMODE

Security:       READ ONLY

Arguments:    None

Example:       %TKRLMODE


Return Values:

         COMMUNICATION - Communications Mode

         SIMULATION - Simulation Mode

See also %DKRLMODE, %TSERIALNUM, 1.5.3 SCADA Node License, TagLimit, TTLIOTag, TTLTag, TTLCTag, AccTag and CalTag.