Start DRAW: Create PID Block Detail Display

This section also assumes you have configured a Modicon Modbus Comport, a Modicon Device and a PID Block type.  Refer to Configure a Modbus TCP Port, Device and Tags on for a Step by Step Guide to creating a Comport and Device for Modicon Modbus .

This section assumes you have completed section 5.7.2 Step 2: Create a PID Block Type.

1.      From the Project Manager

2.      Select a Project

3.      Select the SCADA Node.      

Figure 10-3 Start DRAW from Project Manager

7.      Right Click the Start Draw link in the Project Configuration Manager.

Figure 10-4 Open in New Window by Right Clicking Hyperlink

8.      Select Open in New Window from the menu. 

9. DRAW opens in a new web browser window.

Figure 10-6 DRAW using Open in New Window

11. Optionally, modify the Page color by clicking the icon .

12. Select a color from the Palette (207 in this example).

13. Press OK.