7.5.2   Alarm Sorting

From the Alarm Summary Display, the SORT alarm field indicates how alarms are sorted: by Time (default), Name, Priority, Acknowledge Status and Alarm Group.  Loack and Range actually hides alarms for clarity.

Figure 7.3 Alarms Sorted By

Clicking the square button next to each sort method will change the sort criteria.

This allows users and operators to quickly identify the Highest Priority Alarm, find an alarm by Tagname or other criteria.  If the Alarm Filter is enable, those tags will be hidden from this sorted list.

Leaving the Alarm Summary, then returning will result in the sort by Time (the default value).

Lock will hide all alarms tagged by the operator with a LOCK

Range will hide all alarms that have Returned To Normal (but Not Acknowledged).This occurs only if “Ack Alarm by Return to Normal” is set to NO in the SCADA Node property page.

Time sorts alarms by Time of occurrence

Name sorts alphabetically by Tag Name.

Priority sorts by the Alarm Priority, the Highest Priority at the top of the list.

Ack displays Unacknowledged alarms first (at the top of the list).

Group sorts by the Alarm Group.

Node sorts alphabetically by the SCADA Node Name.

See also, Alarm Filter