8.3.2   Restricted User - 1000 Graphics

A Restricted user can have access to 1000 additional graphic displays for each SCADA node in the project.  The total is 1001 graphics, if you count the Default Graphic. If a pushbutton or toolbar calls up a graphic, it must be in this list of 21 graphics in order for a restricted user to see it.  The Graphic List Dialog Box will only show these graphics and the default.  Similarly, the Point Goto feature will only allow the restricted user to call up graphics in this list.

Only Tags that appear on these graphics will be viewable by a restricted user.  A restricted user will be able to view the Point Detail Display and Block Detail Display of any Tag that appears on the Graphics assigned in Graphic Page Access.

To add Graphic Page Access to a Restricted User, see Graphic Page Access - Restricted Users.