8.9        Add or Update Project User

You can create users with all the abilities of an admin by creating Project User account and a User Account with the same name. The user should be given Security level 127 (admin level) for all Areas, Local Tag, View Tag and Exit ViewDAQ.

The Project User and Admin accounts are created and modified on the Project Manager Home Page.

Project Users and the admin account can access the Project Manager.  Project Users can not access the SCADA Nodes using VIEW or ViewDAQ, unless a second account is created in Users (on Project Property Page) with the same user name and password.  Similarly, other Users can not access the Project Manager, unless a Project User account is created.


·         Can use Database Configuration Tool (Project Manager).

·         Can use Web DRAW to build and edit graphics.

·         Can View all Displays in system through Web Browser (including Action Log, Alarm Log, User Programs and Station Status Displays)

·         Access all tags using the Point List Dialog box.

Note - There is only one Administrator account in a project.  The default name is admin and can not be renamed. An account with admin privileges can be made By creating a Power User and a Project User with the same name and password.

Project User  

·         Can use Database Configuration Tool (Project Manager).

·         Can use Web DRAW to build and edit graphics.

·         Can NOT View displays in run-time.

·         Can View Reports, System Log, Analog Tag Log, Discrete Tag Log, Alarm Log and Action Log through Project Manager

·         Can Create, Modify and Download Schedules through Project Manager.

Note - only Users that are assigned as Project Users can use Database Configuration Tool (Project Manager) or use web-browser based DRAW.

Note 2 - The Project User can also be assigned as either a power, general or restricted user to enable viewing graphics in run-time View.

A user with all the security features of Admin can be created by creating two accounts with the same name, a Project User and a Power User (with security Level 127 for all Areas, Local Tag, View Tag, etc.).