Action Logging to ODBC Database

If you need more than the last 10,000 Actions recorded to hard drive, optionally, you can also record the Action Log to an ODBC Database.  When the ODBC feature is enabled, the size of the Action Log and the Size of the Action Log are limited only by the maximum size of the Access Database.

As each Action occurs, a record is entered in the Database. Acknowledgement by the operator or user is also recorded.

 As part of software installation, WebAccess creates an Access Database on the Project Node. All Actions can be recorded to the Database from all SCADA nodes in your system to provide a centralized Action Log. The Action Log is recorded through an ODBC DSN to an Access Database on the Project Node.

To have the Action Log record to the Access Database on the Project Node:

1.      Open Internet Explorer

2.      Start the Project Manager (WebAccess Configuration).

3.      Open Project Manager for Your Project

4.      Select your SCADA node

5.      Select Node Property

6.      Select Yes next to Action Log to ODBC

 See 3.2.21 Action Log To ODBC  for more information