9.4.7   Point GOTO Dialog Box

From the Point GOTO Dialog Box, the user can see a list of all Displays a selected Tag appears on, then go to that display with one button click. It is a very useful tool.

Figure 9.29  Point GOTO Dialog Box

The Tagname is shown at the top left. In this example, the Tag SINE appears on the graphic Meter.bgr.   A Blank List indicates the tag does not appear on the selected Display Type (Overview, Alarm Summary. Graph, etc).

Overview - Shows all Overview Displays the tag appears on.

DataLog Trend - shows all the Data Log Trend Displays the Tag Appears on.

Graph - shows all the user built Graphic Displays the tag appears on.

Point Detail - All tags will have a Point Detail Display. (Unless  the default was deleted from the system).

Alarm Summary - shows if the tag has an active alarm.

OK - will call up the selected Display. This will change the display in VIEW.

Cancel - closes the Dialog Box without calling a new display.

The Point Goto Dialog Box is opened using:

·         Pressing GOTO button in the Point Info Dialog Box.

·         Pressing a Pushbutton that uses the <DIALOG>POINTGOTO keymacro.