9.4.8   Login & Password Dialog Box

The User Login Dialog Box appears when a user first connects to the SCADA node in VIEW.

Figure 9.30  Login Dialog Box - username & password

The default username is admin

There is no password (i.e. it is blank)

A Password Dialog Box also appears if a user tries to change the Value of a Tag , Block Parameter or Tag Field without the required Security Area and Level.

Figure 9.31Password Dialog Box - Area & Level Security

It is subtly different: it shows the Area and Level required to change the Tag.

In ViewDAQ, this changes the Login User. 

In VIEW (the web browser) this Password Dialog box is a one-shot, allowing change of this on tag, then returning the to the original user login. 

See the Security section on VIEW and ViewDAQ for more info.

For more information, see the  Security Section 8 Users, Passwords & Security.