9.5.3   Toolbars


Figure 9.35   default Toolbar for user Graphic

The Default Toolbars provide an "out-of-the-Box" application that allows WebAccess to be used without Display Building (for example during commissioning, staging and Loop Ring-out).  Operators and Users always have a way to navigate between displays without an engineer building pushbuttons.  Toolbars also help to ensure there are no dead-end user-built displays where pushbuttons to other displays are absent.

Figure 9.36    User-built Toolbar

Users can create custom toolbars by either modifying the default toolbars or creating new toolbars named after the user-built graphic.


Users can build new toolbars using True-type Fonts. Vector Graphics, bitmaps and Windows Icons (*.ico).


You can hide the Toolbar using bwviewpg.asp options for Web Browser Clients and Display Group options in ViewDAQ (more about this later).


For step by step guide see 10.8 Building Toolbars for VIEW.