16.1VIEW Client Options

VIEW is the web browser client that allows user to View real-time data and Control automation devices. 

There are three features in WebAccess and a fourth (HTML option) to customize the appearance and behavior of VIEW in a web browser:

1) VIEW Property Link, at the top of the bwrun.asp (the default VIEW), allows users to hide the Toolbar, Caption and Status bar. View Property also allows users to enable clipping or scaling.

2) BwVIEWpg.asp allows engineers and technicians to create a hyperlink to predefine all the options in View Property, plus “One Click Login”.

BwVIEWpg allows VIEW to be called directly with either a link typed into the address bar or a hyperlink in an email or a hyperlink on an HTML or ASP page on the project node. View options allow:

·         One click to connect and Login

·         Directly connect to SCADA node

·         Login user & password

·         GOTO a Graphic Display

·         Hide Toolbar

·         Hide Status bar

·         Hide Navigation Tree

·         Hide Caption

·         Enable Clipping and Scroll bars

3) GOTO URL options allow you to specify the size, position and other features of the Web Browser Window with bwViewpg.asp using KeyMacrofiles or Scripts to create pop-up windows using a web browser.

4) HTML options allow you to specify the size, position and other features of the Web Browser Window.  These can be combined with bwViewpg.asp in hyperlinks on web pages you create.  These are essentially the same options used by the GOTO URL Action Command and Keymacro.

The most common uses of bwVIEWpg options are to 1) Connect Directly to a specific SCADA Node in a multinode system 2) automatically login with one click 3) Hide Status Bar, Toolbar or caption.

You need to create this hyperlink somewhere for your users; options include and email, a new web page (html), a new link on a WebAccess page, or modifying a WebAccess asp page.  You could also just type the address of your project node using the VIEW options below.

An Email with a hyperlink using one of the following View options would allow users to then add this new link to there favorites easily by clicking Favorites and Add to Favorites on the web browser after their first connection.

You could create a new default web page that has one of the hyperlinks with the desired view option.

You could define a new "default" document in your IIS that has a REDIRECT to a bwVIEWpg.asp with the desired options (automatic log-in, size. etc.)

Alternatively, you could modify the Bwroot.asp.   Change the hyperlink to a bwViewpg.asp that includes the project name and node name. 

The Live Demo shows examples of all the following added to bwroot.asp at