This function gets the current value of a Property on an ActiveX Control or .NET Control object.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client
XGet ActiveX and .NET Control Asynchronous Supported ActiveX Controls only (see Notes) Supported


XGet ( strName , strProperties )
The unique name of the ActiveX Control or .NET Control object, as configured in the Name field of the Object Properties dialog.
The Property that you want to get the value of. Available Properties are listed in the Configuration (for an ActiveX Control) or Members (for a .NET Control) dialog.

Returned value

Returns the value of the specified Property.


This function cannot be used in Tasks or in the Global Procedures script. Also, this function is not supported for .NET Control objects running on a Windows Embedded station.


Get the current value of the Color property on the ActiveX Control object named "ActXRec":
XGet( "ActXRec", "Color" )