When executed on the Client, this function checks to see if the project files available on the Server are newer than the files currently on the Client.

Function Group Execution Windows Embedded Thin Client
IsAppChangedOnServer System Info Synchronous Supported Supported Supported


InfoDiskFree( { "optTagUpdateTrigger" } )
An alphanumeric string enclosed in quotes, or the name of a String tag that contains the desired string. This string, in turn, should be the name of the tag that will trigger the function — when the value of this tag changes, the function is automatically executed. (Normally, a function executes only when it is explicity called, such as with the Command animation.) To execute the function at a regular interval, you can use one of project's system tags like Day or Month.

This parameter is optional.

Returned value

0 No
1 Yes


For this function, "Server" means the station that is actually running your project and has the TCP/IP Server module enabled, and "Client" means a Thin Client or Secure Viewer that is communicating with the Server via TCP/IP. For more information, see Configuring a Web Solution.

Tip: If the files on the Server are newer — that is, if this function returns TRUE — then you can use ReloadAppFromServer to update the Client.


Tag Name Expression
Tag IsAppChangedOnServer()
Tag IsAppChangedOnServer( "CheckVersion" ) // Function is automatically called when the value of CheckVersion changes.