Configuring your project's default FTP settings

Some features in InduSoft Web Studio, such as certain functions, are able to transfer files between computers using FTP. To use these features, you must configure your project's FTP settings.

The FTP settings can be configured at any point during runtime by calling the CnfFTP function. However, you can also configure default settings that are automatically used when the project is first run and then restored as needed during runtime, overwriting any changes made by calling the CnfFTP function.

  1. On the Project tab of the ribbon, in the Web group, click Email/FTP. The Email/FTP Configuration dialog is displayed.
  2. Click the FTP tab.

  3. In the User Name and Password boxes, type your credentials for the FTP server.
  4. In the Server and Port boxes, type the server address and port number. The default port for FTP is 21, but it depends on your server and network configuration. Please consult your server administrator.
  5. Select Active or Passive mode, depending on the server's configuration. Passive FTP mode can be used to bypass some network firewalls. Again, please consult your server administrator.
  6. In the Status box, type the name of a tag (Integer type) that will receive status codes when the project transfers a file.
  7. In the Reload box, type a tag/expression. When the value of this tag/expression changes, the project will reload these default FTP settings.
  8. Click OK to save your configuration and close the dialog.