Using Sybase

You need to install the AsaClient provider on your computer; the tests with IWS were performed using the architecture explained in the topic Linking the Database Through a Remote DB Provider.

If you are using the browse button to automatically generate the connection string, the string returned will have the following format:
Provider=ASAProv.90; Data Source=Test
This format requires that you create an ODBC DSN with the same name as the Data Source (in this case, Test) in order to communicate with the database. If the DSN is not created, the following error will display in the LogWin when connecting to the database:
Database: Error: Parse error:  DSN 'Test' does not exist
To void an ODBC DSN, you can enter with the connection string manually as shown in the example below:
Provider=ASAProv.90; DBF=C:\ Test.db
Note: These procedures were tested using Sybase Server Anywhere