Configuring the Target System

After configuring a project and testing it locally (on your development workstation), you can download the project to a remote runtime workstation that is running IWS on Windows XP/Vista/7 or running CEView on a Windows Embedded device.
  1. Before you begin, verify that the Remote Agent (CEServer.exe) is running on the target (remote) workstation.
    • On a Windows platform, the CEServer.exe file is located in the […]\InduSoft Web Studio v7.0\Redist\CE Version\Processor Type\Bin folder.
    • On a Windows Embedded device, the file is located in the \non-volatile folder.
  2. Run the CEServer.exe on the target workstation, and when the Remote Agent dialog is displayed, click Setup.
    Figure 1. Remote Agent dialog

    The Setup dialog opens:
    Figure 2. Setup dialog

    Use the parameters on this dialog to configure communication between the development and target systems:
    • Serial Port: To establish a serial connection to the project server, select Serial Port and then select the specific port from the drop-down combo box.
      If you click Advanced, the Serial Advanced Settings dialog is displayed.
      Figure 3. Serial Advanced Settings dialog

      You can use the parameters on this dialog to control the flow of data between your target and development stations:
      • Baud Rate: Select a baud rate from this drop-down combo box.
      • Control RTS: Select (check) this to use a "Request to Send" control, where IWS sends an RS-232 signal from the transmitting station to the receiving station requesting permission to transmit.
      • Control CTS: Select (check) this to use a "Clear to Send" control, where IWS sends an RS-232 signal from the receiving station to the transmitting station to indicate the receiving station is ready to accept data.

      When you finish setting these parameters, click OK to close the Serial Advanced Settings dialog.

    • TCP/IP: Enable this button to establish a TCP/IP connection to the development station.
      Tip: For better performance, we recommend using a TCP/IP connection instead of a Serial Link connection.
  3. When you are finished, click OK to close the Setup dialog, but leave the Remote Agent program running in the remote workstation.

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