Adding Tags to the Datasheet

Use the following steps to create tags from the Project Tags datasheet:
  1. Select the Global tab and open the Project Tags folder.
  2. Double-click the Datasheet View icon to open the Project Tags datasheet:
    Figure 1. Project Tags datasheet
  3. Locate an empty line in the datasheet and configure the following fields.
    Tip: You can use the keyboard Tab key to move to the next column.
    • Name field: Type a name using the proper syntax. (For more information, see "Tag Syntax".)
    • Array Size field:
      • For an array tag, type a value to specify the maximum index of the array.
      • For any other tag type, type zero (0).
    • Type combo-box: Click the arrow to select a tag data type (Boolean, Integer, Real, or String) from the list. (If necessary, review "Choosing a Tag Data Type.")
    • Description field (optional): Type a description for documentation purposes only.
    • Scope combo-box: Click the arrow to specify whether the tag value will be shared with (displayed on) Thin Client stations. (For more information, see "Choosing the Tag Scope".)
  4. Click in a new line to create another tag, or if you have no other tags to create, then save and close the Project Tags datasheet.
The following example shows a variety of tags configured in an Project Tags datasheet.
Figure 2. Example Project Tags Datasheet