Graphics Script

The Graphics Script interface can be edited by its icon from the Graphics tab of the Project Explorer:
Figure 1.

This interface can be used to execute logics on the following events, based on pre-defined sub-routines:
Important: Do not change the name of the predefined sub-routines. If you do, then the system will not be able to automatically execute them.
'Variables with local scope can be declared and initialized here
Dim MyDate
MyDate = Date()
Dim MyValue
MyValue = 100

'Procedures with local scope can be implemented here
Function MyNewProcedure(nCount)
		MyNewProcedure = nCount + 1
End Function

Function AreaRec(side1, side2)
  AreaRec = side1 * side2
End Function

Sub CheckHiLimit(myValue, myHiLimit)
  If myValue > myHiLimit Then
	MsgBox("Value out of range")
  End If
End Sub

'This procedure is executed just once when the graphic module is started
Sub Graphics_OnStart()
  MsgBox("Welcome to the system!")
End Sub

'This procedure is executed continuously while the graphic module is running
Sub Graphics_WhileRunning()
  If $UserName = "Guest" Then
	$MyFlag = 0
  End If
End Sub

'This procedure is executed just once when the graphic module is closed
Sub Graphics_OnEnd()
End Sub

When the Sub-routines Are Executed

On the Server (where InduSoft Web Studio or CEView is running):
On the Thin Client or Secure Viewer:

The execution of the Graphic Script sub-routines on the Server is completely independent of the execution on the Thin Client and Secure Viewer stations.

Calling Graphics Script Procedures in Other VBScript Interfaces

The three predefined sub-routines are strictly local to the Graphic Script interface and are executed only on the events described above. Other procedures defined in the interface, however — under the 'Procedures with local scope heading — may be called in any other Screen Script or Command animation. The procedures are called by using the syntax Graphics.procedure_name.

Taking the function MyNewProcedure that was declared in the example above, you could place a Button object on your project screen and then apply a Command animation to it with the following line:
$NewTag = Graphics.MyNewProcedure($OldTag)