1.5.5   HARD KEY

The hard key is a Sentinel SuperPro manufactured by SafeNet. The hard keys connect to the SCADA Node computer’s parallel or USB port.  

Usually, there is no Hardkey required for the Project Node. If using the BEMS package, a hardkey is required for the Project Node.

The Hardkey serial number must match the serial number in the software license control file.  The software license control file describes how many tags are in the license.

If a user buys the 64-tag version, he or she would have both a Hardkey and a matching license file that says 64 tags.  And they can build and use 64 tags.

If user moves his Hardkey to another computer and does not move his license file, then the new computer will be forced into simulation.

If the user wants to upgrade his WebAccess to 20,000 tags, he would purchase a new license file that he could copy to his computer, that matches his hardware key and he could then use 20,000 tags. Upgrades in Tag count can be accomplished via email by updating only the License Control File. The serial number of Hardkey and the license file must match.  

Handling Sentinel Pro Hard Keys

In general, the shipping and handling procedures suggested for the Sentinel Pro conform to the industry standards for handling electronic printed circuit boards. Your company may already have appropriate work areas and procedures in place.

Note:  Electrostatic charges may damage the Sentinel Pro units. Work surface mats and wrist straps are strongly recommended.