12.1.2                     Firewalls

If you get the message "Can not Connect to SCADA Node" when trying to use VIEW or DRAW, but you can connect to the Project Node, then the Primary and Secondary TCP Ports are probably blocked by a Firewall or router.  You will have to contact your network administrator to have two TCP ports opened for you.

If you see the Home page (which uses port 80), but not VIEW, then it is most likely that a firewall or router has blocked TCP ports 4592 or 14592 (the Primary and Secondary TCP ports).

WebAccess uses three TCP Ports for the web browser VIEW.

Port 80 is the standard HTML the allows you to see web pages and is opened through most firewalls.  This is how you connect to WebAccess.

The Primary TCP Port (default is 4592) is used for file downloads (graphic pages).

The Secondary TCP Port (default is 14592) is used for real time data.

Both the Primary and Secondary TCP ports are user configurable (in the Project Manager).  You may have to contact the engineer that programmed WebAccess Project Manager to see if he used the default TCP Ports ( 0 in Project Manager means default ports are used).

You can check the deploy file on the Client to see which TCP are used by your project.