1.1-        Start Web Browser

1.      Start Internet Explorer.

image\img00001.gif·      Double Click the Icon on your Desktop

·      OR, Click Icon on your Taskbar

·      OR, From the Start button select:
Start->Programs->Internet Explorer

Tip - If you need more help, see Tips & Tricks, How to Start Internet Explorer?

2.      Enter the IP address or URL into the "Address Bar" (see figure 1.1)
For the Live Demo enter http://demo.broadwin.com/ If this is not in your DNS, you can also try


3.      Press the Enter key or Select Go.


Figure 1.1 - Internet Explorer Web Browser - Address Bar

Note - The address of the Live Demo might have changed since this guide was written. If you cannot connect, call our Tech Support for the new address or check the Broadwin.com website.


See About Addresses for more information.