4.1 - Start WebAccess View


1.      Start Internet Explorer.


2.      Enter IP Address of a WebAccess Project Node in Address Bar or select from "Favorites". (For help see, 1.2 - Enter IP Address or URL in Web Browser).


Figure 4.1 - WebAccess WELCOME PAGE

Select WebAccess View


3.      Select the WebAccess View button.  

4.      If there is more than one Project or SCADA node, a Project Tree appears (Figure 4.2). Please select a SCADA node from the Project Tree in the left frame in Figure 4.2.  For example, select SCADAnode1.


If there is only one SCADA node, then VIEW opens without a tree (figure 4.3)


           The WebAccess View Login Page appears if the SCADA node is running.


Figure 4.2 - WebAccess View Login Navigation Tree

Figure 4.3 - WebAccess View Login


If you get the message "Waiting for Connection", the node is probably stopped. You can pick "Start Node" from the navigation frame on the left or at the top of the page or go back to configuration manager and Start the node (section 2.2.3 Start and Stop SCADA node).  You might be asked to login to Start the node: The default User Name is "admin" and there is no password.



If you see the message"Waiting for Connection to SCADA node" or "Connecting to Server" for more than a minute, but connection to the Welcome Page worked (figure 4.1), then a firewall is the most likely reason. Please see What is a Firewall and TCP Port? for more information on firewalls.


Hint -Notice that Figure 4.3 does not show the Navigation Tree in the left frame. It was opened using the "Open in New Window" feature. To find out How to View without the navigation tree?, go to the Tips & Tricks section.