A.3.4 - Dynamic Pushbutton

Draw Text, for example "ALARM SUMMARY". (See DRAW Text example above to refresh your memory).


1.      Right Click -> Dynamic ->Pushbutton.


2.      Pushbutton Dialog Box appears (figure A.11)


Figure A.11 Pushbutton Dialog Box

3.      Select Macro button  (figure A.11)


4.      Drag slider bar to move down the list of Macros to find


5.      Double Click on <GOTO ALMSUMMARY>.

6.      Check GROUP Objects.


7.      Select OK.


8.      Click Once on the Text drawing in step 1 (for example ALARM SUMMARY) (see figure A.12)


9.      Right Click Once.


Figure A.12 - Widget, Text, Dynamic Text and Pushbutton