To enable security

IMPORTANT: Do not enable security until you have all the necessary roles created and have added users to those roles; otherwise, you may lock yourself out of the application. You must restart the Proficy Portal server for the changes to take effect.

  1. Open the Proficy Portal Administration application.

  2. Click the Settings & Diagnostic button.

  3. In the tree, select the Security node.

  4. From the Proposed security status list box, select Enabled.

  5. Select the method of authentication:

    1. If you want to use workgroup-based authentication, select Local.

    2. If you want to use domain-based authentication, select Domain.

  6. If using domain-based authentication, in the Proposed default domain field, enter a default login domain.

  7. Click the Apply button.

  8. Restart the Proficy Portal server.