Viewing Active Sessions

To view individual sessions in the Proficy Portal Administration utility, expand the Sessions folder. Each active session will have a unique name assigned to it by Proficy Portal, such as 241B9F1AE3333458DBCB3E8E339225E8. To view the current settings for a session, select it from the list.

The following display-only fields appear:

Settings & Diagnostics: Active Session parameters 




Displays the Domain (if applicable) of the currently logged in user.

Full Name

Displays the full name of the user.

IP Address

Displays the IP Address of the user currently logged in.


Displays the date and time the user logged in.

Reserved Session

Displays whether or not the user has a reserved session. If the user has a reserved session, this field will display True. If the user does not have a reserved session, this field will display False.


Displays all roles the user is assigned to.

Session ID

Displays the unique ID assigned to the user for the current session.


Displays the username used to log into the session.