Assigning Custom Icons to a Folder

Custom icons can be assigned to folders in the system tree. You can assign two icons: one for the 'opened' folder and one for the 'closed' folder.

NOTE: If Proficy Portal security is being used, you will not be able to access the Properties dialog box unless the Manage Folders permission is assigned to you.

  1. Right-click a folder in the system tree and choose Properties from the context menu. The Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Select the Enable Custom Icon Configuration check box.

  3. Assign the Open/Close icons:

    1. For each (Open and Close) click the Browse button. You can browse only the AllUsers\images folder and sub-folders.

    2. On the Select Image dialog box, locate and select the icon you want to assign.

    3. Click the Select button on the Select Image dialog box. The chosen icon appears beside the Browse button.

  4. Click OK.

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