Creating a New Folder in the System Tree

  1. Either in run-time or the configuration environment, right-click the folder you want to create a new folder in and select Create Folder. The Create New Folder dialog box appears.

  2. In the Folder Name box, enter the name for the new folder and click OK.

  3. If you want to assign custom icons that will be shown in the system tree beside the folder name, select the Enable Custom Icon Configuration check box. You can assign an icon for the `opened' folder and an icon for the `closed' folder. To assign each icon:

    1. Click the Browse button. You can browse only the AllUsers\images folder and sub-folders.

    2. On the Select Image dialog box, locate and select the icon you want to assign.

    3. Click the Select button on the Select Image dialog box.

  4. Click OK on the Create New Folder dialog box.

The new folder appears in the system tree under the folder you first selected.

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