Date Time Strings in URL Parameters

You can create a URL that will pass in specific date and time values as symbol values. For example, a URL can be set up to pass values to a Time chart so that when the display is accessed, the data associated with a specific start and end time is accessed and plotted on the chart. Two steps are required for this scenario:

  1. Create symbols for the date time values. For example, if you want to load start and end times for a Time chart, you must enable the chart's Parameter symbols (both StartDateTime and EndDateTime). You will use the symbol names in the URL. For detailed information on configuring symbols, see To configure display symbols.

  2. Create the URL and include the symbols with the specific date time values you want passed in.

NOTE: If the date/time format you use in the URL is not the same as the date/time format used by Proficy Portal, you will see the error indicator in the upper left on your display. Additionally, the symbols that are used for the date/time parameters will fail to be resolved, unless the display is configured to load default symbols that resolve the parameters. If there are unresolved symbols, they are also reported as errors on the error page (error indicator).

Example: <!12/04/2004 14:30:00!>

Example 1

The following example URL loads the TimeChart display that will pass a specific start and end time to a chart's start and end time parameters. ChartStartTime and ChartEndTime are the chart's start and end time parameter symbols.

&ChartStartTime=<!12-06-2004 14:04:00!>&ChartEndTime=<!12-06-2004 14:10:00!>


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