Configure the value axis for Bar and Line charts

  1. If you have not already done so, insert a chart by selecting it from the Insert menu, or double-click an existing chart to access the chart's configuration panel.

  2. Access the Value Axis tab.

  3. NOTE: If you do not see the Value Axis tab, ensure you are configuring a Bar or Line chart. The Value Axis tab and Category Axis tab do not appear for Pie charts.

  4. If you want the y-axis to be displayed, select the Show Axis check box.

  5. From the Orientation list box, select Left or Right to display the y-axis on either the right or the left side of the chart (Left is the default).

  6. To change the color of the value axis and its tick marks, click the Axis Color button and select a new color from the color palette.

  7. If you want a title to display on the value axis, select the Show Title check box and enter the title in the Axis Title box. If you do not want a title, clear the Show Title check box.

  8. If you want the value axis high and low limits to be set according to the high and low limits of the associated data source, select the Auto Set Limits check box. Alternatively if you want to set the high and low limits manually, clear the Auto Set Limits check box and enter values in the High Limit and Low Limit boxes.

  9. In the Number of Labels box, enter the maximum number of labels; that is, the number of points on the y-axis that will be labeled.

  10. In the Decimal Places list box, select the number of decimal places for values on the value axis.