Navigation Scheme

Before you select the navigation scheme you want to use, you should consider the skill level of the people who will be accessing your displays. If your users have experience with the Internet and web browsers, you may be able to use hyperlinks and buttons exclusively to navigate.   

If your users are more familiar with an application environment, you may want to use buttons or the system tree to switch between displays. For these users, you many want to provide introductory displays that help them understand how to navigate.

IMPORTANT: Always provide a way to move to another display. Make sure the navigation options are clear and place them in the same location of every display so that the user does not have to search for links to view other content.

As you design the navigation scheme, keep the appearance of your analysis displays in mind. For example, if you decide to make hyperlinks blue, you should select a background color that complements this selection, such as white or pale grey.