SQL Statement Parameters and Object Properties

If you purchased the Enterprise edition of Proficy Portal, you can use the Link To Property command to supply values to SQL statement parameters as well as target properties. A parameter is a configurable attribute of an SQL statement that is resolved at run-time.

Using a parameter instead of a target property allows you to use a single SQL statement to retrieve, update, or insert many different types of data. For example, suppose you want to display the sales figures for specific products.   To do this you create the following SQL statement:

SELECT `Product Sales for 2002'.ProductName, `Product Sales for 2002'.ProductSales

FROM `Product Sales for 2002'

WHERE ({catname?} = `Product Sales for 2002'.CategoryName)

In this statement, the text {catname?} represents the parameter. By including the parameter in the statement, you allow Proficy Portal to substitute a value for it based on a selection made by the user. Refer to Defining Parameters in the SQL Statement Builder for more information on embedding parameters into SQL statements.

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