Properties | To configure text objects

Text objects are useful for naming a display or labeling areas that may be unclear to users. For example, if you add a datalink to a display, you may also want to label it so that others know what value is being shown.     

You can add any text you want to a display by selecting Text from the Insert menu. When you select this command, an outline of the text object appears under the mouse pointer. The object's outline is designed to help you place the text in the display. You can select a location by clicking the position you want the text to start at. After clicking the mouse button, Proficy Portal adds an empty Text object to the display and the Enter Text dialog box appears. This dialog box is where you enter the text you want to include in the display and select the font, style, and point size of the text.

The Text object also includes an Insert Printing Function feature, which allows you to add page numbering, current user name, and/or the current display name to the header/footer of a display. This feature does not work outside of a header/footer. For more information, see Creating Header/Footer Displays.

After you enter the text and click OK, Proficy Portal creates the Text object. If you make a mistake or need to change the text, double-click the Text object to re-display the Enter Text dialog box and edit the text as necessary. The Enter Text dialog box is also where you select the size, style, and type face of the text you enter.

You can resize the Text object by clicking and dragging one of the object's handles. Use the Color command on the Format menu to change the color of the text.