To configure text objects

  1. Add a text object or select Edit Text from an existing text object's context menu.

  2. Enter the text you want to display.

  3. TIP: You can paste text residing on the clipboard into the Text Configuration dialog box.

  4. Select the font, style, and point size to use from the Font, Style, and Size fields respectively.

  5. If you are configuring a display that will be used as a header/footer for printing other displays, select an item from the Insert Printing Function drop-down list, and click the Insert button. The function appears in the text area. You can combine the function with entered text if necessary. For example, enter `Page' and a space in the text area, and then insert the Page Number function. You will see `Page &PN' in the text area. For more information on header/footer displays, see Creating Header/Footer Displays.

NOTE: The Insert Printing Function does not work if used outside of a header/footer display. You can add the printing function to a non-header/footer display; however, when the display is printed or previewed it will not resolve and will show the function symbol instead.

  1. Click OK.

For additional text properties, select Properties from the object's context menu. For more information, refer to Text Properties.