To configure a Thumbnail object

  1. Add a new Thumbnail object, or select Edit Thumbnail from an existing thumbnail's context menu.

  2. Enter a unique name for the thumbnail. This name will identify the thumbnail within Proficy Portal.

  3. Select a data source. For more information, refer to the section How?.

  4. Select an object type. For more information, refer to the section Object Types.

  5. If necessary, select a template for the object. If you are creating a Thumbnail from the right-click menu of an existing chart or grid, you will probably want to leave this as `Object Created' - specifying a template in this case will replace any configuration changes that have been made for the chart or grid.

  6. Select an image for the thumbnail. By default, this is set to images/Chart.gif for a chart object, or images/Grid.gif for a grid object.

  7. Configure how you want the object to be displayed when clicked on. Popup window will display the object in a popup window. Full frame will show the object in the current display.

  8. If you have configured the thumbnail to show the object in a popup window, enter a title for the window in the Title for Popup Window field.