To configure categories and series for Category charts

  1. If you have not already done so, insert a chart and select a data source for the chart.

  2. On the Data tab of the configuration panel, select the Series in Rows or the Series in Columns option depending on how you want series to be displayed on the chart (i.e. in rows or columns).

  3. From the Template list box, select the type of category you want to use for the chart. The pre-configured templates are Number, Day, and Month. You can also select a data item (from the data source you are using for the chart).

  4. If you have selected Number, Day, or Month for the template, you can also specify the starting value. For example, if you select Day, the default Start Name is `Mon'. You can change this to a different day by entering the abbreviated day in the Start Name box.

  5. If the chart will be used as a Line chart:

    • From the Line Width list box, select the width of the line(s). The larger the number, the wider the line(s).

    • From the Line Style list box, select the style of the line(s).

  6. If you want to specify a maximum number of rows to be retrieved from the data source, enter the number in the Max Rows box (valid values are 1 - 500), or if you want the maximum number of rows to be determined by the data source, select the Auto Set Max Rows check box.

  7. When changes are made to Start Name, Template, or Max Rows, click the Reset button to update the Category and/or Series list boxes (on this window only).