Usability Guidelines

Usability is a key ingredient in a successful design strategy. By making information within your displays easily accessible, you enable your users to be more productive. Use the following guidelines to improve your usability.

Remember that users may be able to re-display the System Tree tabs, depending on the display and application preferences you have set. Therefore, it is recommended to allow enough space on the left-hand edge of the display for the two tabs to appear. By providing this space, you eliminate the need for scrolling the display and ensure that critical data is always visible.

Allowing chart modification from the run-time environment allows users to modify the appearance of a chart. However, the user will not be able to create or modify pen/event groups without the necessary security privileges.

NOTE: Modifying a chart from the run-time environment does not mean the changes are saved. You may want to allow users to modify a chart and deny them access to save their changes. If this is the environment you want, make sure users do not have the security privilege to save run-time changes.

When you have decided on a set of rules, follow them consistently. For example, if you decide to show the system tree, make sure every analysis display provides access to it. If you suddenly violate this rule and hide the system tree, you create confusion among your users, which will lower productivity as they try to determine how and why the rules have changed.