Methods of Navigation

Several methods of navigation are available within Proficy Portal. They are as follows:

Hyperlinks – A common problem that occurs with using hyperlinks is not making the text of the link as clear as possible. For example, to create a link that shows data for Production Line 3, use the label "Show Production Line 3 Data" or "Production Line 3 Charts" so the user knows what he or she will see when the analysis display opens. If the link goes to a web site, you may want to use the Auto Caption option of the Hyperlink object so that the text displayed is the site's URL. For more information, refer to the section Hyperlinks.

Buttons – Using buttons to switch between analysis displays is similar to using hyperlinks; however, a button can also load a pen group or an event group. If you plan to use buttons to load pen/event groups and switch to other displays, label the buttons clearly or make the two groups of buttons different colors. For example, labeling a button "Load the Line 3 Pen Group" clearly reflects what the button does. Likewise, if you color buttons that open other analysis displays blue, the user will have a visual cue about the buttons' function.

The System Tree – Using the system tree on the Displays tab for navigation is easy; however, your analysis displays may not show it. You should also include an alternate navigation scheme using hyperlinks and buttons.

If the system tree is available, you can embed a URL (a weblink) in the system tree, allowing you to open web pages and remote analysis displays.

Favorites – Favorites, also known as Bookmarks, are files that specify a particular URL. By selecting the Favorite, you instruct the browser to load the content at the specified location.

Creating Favorites is a function of your web browser. To create a Favorite, you can select the Favorites menu and select Add to Favorites. When you set a Favorite for Proficy Portal, the default Proficy Portal URL is saved. If you want to use a Favorite to access a specific display, you must use a URL line parameter for the display, and then set that as the Favorite. For example, setting the following URL line as a favorite will open the Overview display when the user selects it in the Favorites list:


You can also use URL line parameters to set Favorites for the Administration application or the Statement Builder.

For more information on using URL line parameters, see Passing Parameters to URLs.

NOTE: Favorites (or Bookmarks) are a client-only feature of the user's browser and are in no way connected to the Proficy Portal software. You cannot set up Favorites for your users through a Proficy Portal display.