Multiple Parameter Connections

By design, Proficy Portal updates an object anytime a connected object is changed.

It is not possible to have a "cascading" effect of updates when objects are linked. For example, a time component is linked to a grid via the StartDateTime parameter. The grid is linked to a time chart via the StartDateTime parameter. You want a selection on the time component to update the start times on both the grid and the time chart. However, the updates do not cascade in this manner. A selection made on the time component will update the grid, but that same change will not pass through to the time chart. Instead, you would link the time component to both objects: the grid and chart. Then when a selection is made on the time component, the StartDateTime parameter is passed to both the grid and chart.

In another scenario, you may want to select multiple parameters before updating an object. For example, if you have two list boxes that supply parameters to a grid, the grid will be updated whenever one of the list boxes is changed. However, you may want to select values from both list boxes before updating the grid. To do so, you need to add a button to the display that controls the grid. For more information, see To connect multiple parameters to an object.