Log File Utility

Under Windows NT/2000 only, the pilogsrv process may be installed to run as a service that will monitor the size of the pipc.log file and back this file up when it exceeds a predefined size. The install program installs this service to automatically start on reboot. The commands pilogsrv -start and pilogsrv -stop or the Control Panel> Services utility may also be used to start and stop pilogsrv. The service may be configured to rename the log file at a user defined size between 1 kb and 4 MB (by default, 256 kb) and keep up to 9999 log files (by default, 20). These are configured in the pipc.ini file by using the following section and keyname entries.




The pilogsrv service renames pipc.log to pipcxxxx.log where 'xxxx' ranges from '0000' up to the maximum specified number of files. When the maximum number is reached, numbering restarts at '0000'.

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