Installing PI-API

The Proficy Portal PI connector requires the OSI PI-API software to be installed on either the local machine (using the Local configuration) or a remote machine (using the Remote configuration). For remote configuration, the RIFTCP service must also be installed on the remote machine. For more information, see Configuring a Remote OPC/PI/CIMPLICITY Server.

The PI-API software must be version or higher.

Windows NT/2000

The PI-API for Windows NT or Windows 2000 supports the WinSock TCP/IP protocol stack only. This library is a 32-bit version of the PI-API library, which can be used to create programs to run under both the Microsoft Windows NT and the Windows 9x operating systems. 16-bit applications created with PI-API for MSW will also run on these platforms.

The following sections provide detailed information on installing the PI-API software. The information is from the documentation supplied with the PI-API software. Refer to the PI-API documentation for additional information as required.