The pipc.ini file defines the directory in which server information, log files, and buffering configuration information may be found.


PIHOME=C:\Program Files\PIPC




The entry PIHOME defines the base directory under which PI-API programs are usually installed. An additional entry (PIPCSHARE) for a network directory may be defined to indicate where a shared pilogin.ini file will reside. If you use this entry it will override the setting for PIHOME when the PI API looks for the pilogin.ini file. However, the log file, pipc.log, will still be located in the dat subdirectory of the directory identified by PIHOME.

Additionally, log files may be managed by the settings MAXPIPCLOGS and MAXLOGSIZE. These indicate the number of files to retain and the size at which to shift the log file. The numbering of the log files circulates between 0 and MAXPIPCLOGS-1.

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