Exporting iFIX Pictures

The iFIX Export Picture utility allows you to select Picture files and/or Tag Group files to be exported. The Export process converts these files to a format that will allow the import of the pictures/tag groups into Proficy Portal.

After the export has completed, if you need to move the files to a new location, select all files with the extensions .svg, .xtg, .xml, and .png, along with all sub-folders that have the name of the exported pictures.

NOTE: When exporting pictures that reference a Historian server, make sure that you export the pictures from the View/SCADA node that they run on. Pictures that reference a Historian data source via an 'alias' may not reference the correct server after being exported.

To export a picture

  1. On the Proficy iFIX WorkSpace toolbar, click the Export Picture button.

If you do not see the Export Picture button:

  1. From the WorkSpace menu, choose Toolbars.

  2. On the Toolbars dialog box, click the Customize button.

  3. On the Customize Toolbars dialog box, select the Buttons tab.

  4. From the Categories list, select PictureExporter. The button appears on the right.

  5. Click and drag the button to the toolbar location of your choice.

  1. On the Export Picture dialog box, choose a location for the files to be exported to. You can either type the location into the Export location box, or click the Browse button and select the folder from the directory tree.

  1. Select the location of the files to be exported. You can either type the location into the Picture location box, or click the Browse button and select the folder from the directory tree. When you select the location, all the exportable files appear in the list below.

NOTE:  If you are exporting files to a remote location, you must use a mapped network drive. For instance, you can not export files to \\MYServer\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy iFIX\PIC\ExportFiles\ directly. Instead, map to that location and use the mapped drive in the export location.

  1. From the Files of type drop-down list, select the type of files that will be exported (Picture and/or Tag group files). The file list changes to reflect your file type choice.

  2. From the list of files, select the ones that you want exported:

    • Click the file you want to export. You can hold down the Ctrl or Shift key and click additional files if necessary.

- Or -

  1. If applicable, select the Always overwrite existing export files check box.

  2. Click the Export button to export the selected files.

NOTE: Export log files will be created for every picture and tag group file that is exported. These log files are located in the export directory you have chosen.

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