Using iFIX Pictures with Proficy Portal

iFIX pictures can be used in Proficy Real-Time Information Portal displays without having to entirely recreate the pictures as Proficy Portal displays. First, in iFIX, an export utility is used. The export utility converts iFIX pictures to a common format that can then be imported into Proficy Portal. The main purpose of the export/import process is to maintain visual integrity of the iFIX picture, and additionally, it captures animations, data source definitions, and simple commands, where there are direct equivalents in Proficy Portal. Using this method, you can speed the process of creating Proficy Portal displays based on existing content from iFIX.

Before Starting

Before using the iFIX export/Proficy Portal import utility, ensure that the following are installed (as a minimum requirement):

IMPORTANT: To use the Import Display utility in Proficy Portal, you must have full access privileges to the Administration application. If you do not have access to the Administration application, the Import Display menu item will not be available. For more information on Proficy Portal security settings, refer to the Securing Proficy Portal topic in the Proficy Portal online help.

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