Working with FIX Data Sources     

The FIX connector is installed on your Proficy Portal server when you purchase iFIX. This connector allows the server to communicate with iFIX 2.1 or later and FIX 6.15 and 7.0 SCADA servers. Regardless of whether you are using FIX or iFIX, make sure you have an iFIX view node on the Proficy Portal server that is iFIX 3.0 or later and ensure you enable the Dynamic Connections option in the System Configuration Utility (SCU) before you try to communicate with the SCADA server. If the iFIX view node is 3.0 and you want to use Trend data, you must install a SIM (refer to the Proficy Portal release notes for more details). To enable communication between servers, the iFIX view node must not only be installed on the Proficy Portal server, it must also be running.

To enable Dynamic Connections:

  1. Start the SCU.

  2. Select Network from the Configure menu. The Network Configuration dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Dynamic Connections check box.

In addition to enabling the Dynamic Connections option, you must add the FIX connector on the Proficy Portal server using the Administration application. For instructions on completing this task, refer to the Adding a FIX Data Source section.

For more information on using the FIX data source in Proficy Portal displays, see FIX Data Sources.

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