Configure New Object (Natural Presentation) Properties     

The Configure New Object dialog box is used to add a new object to a display with the drag-and-drop method (also known as Natural Presentation).

Configure New Object Properties




Select Object

Allows you to select the type of object you want to insert. The available objects will depend on the type of data source used.

Option buttons for all available objects. Variable SPC Chart and Attribute SPC chart objects have an additional list box to select the specific type of chart.


Specifies the type of template that will be used for the chosen object.

Templates specific to the object type. If a default template is defined for the object, it will appear as the default here.


For DataLink and Text Box objects, the positioning defines how the objects are inserted in the display when multiple data items are selected.

Up – places objects vertically from bottom to top.

Left – places objects horizontally from right to left.

UpLeft – places objects diagonally from bottom right to upper left.

DownLeft – places objects diagonally from upper right to bottom left.

Down – places objects vertically from top to bottom.

Right – places objects horizontally from left to right.

UpRight – places objects diagonally from bottom left to upper right.

DownRight – places objects diagonally from upper left to bottom right.


Allows you to specify the amount of space between multiple Text Box or Datalink objects.

Any number from 0 - 1000. Enter the Horizontal and/or Vertical amounts depending on the selection made for positioning.

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