SPC Charts: Subgroup Axis Tab

Use the Subgroup Axis tab to configure x-axis properties on your chart. The Subgroup Axis tab appears on most SPC chart configuration dialog panels. On the Histogram chart configuration panel, this axis is called the Category Axis, but the properties are the same. On the P, Np, C, and U chart configuration panels, the x-axis is referred to as the Sample axis, but again, the properties are the same. The Pareto chart uses different settings for the x-axis configuration. For information on Pareto chart properties, refer to the section Pareto chart properties.

Properties on the Subgroup Axis Tab 





Specifies that the subgroup axis (sample axis for Histogram chart) will appear on the bottom or top of the chart.

Bottom (default)


Axis Color

The color for the axis line and tick marks.

Any color available in the system.

Show Axis

Indicates whether to display the chart with the subgroup axis (sample axis for Histogram chart) line.

Selected – the axis line is shown.

Cleared – the subgroup axis line is hidden.

Show Title

Indicates whether to show the axis title.

Selected – the axis title is shown.

Cleared – the axis title is not shown.

Axis Title

The title for the axis.

Any text.