To configure attribute chart data columns

NOTE: This procedure applies to all attribute charts except the Pareto chart.

  1. If you have not already done so, insert a chart by selecting it from the Insert menu, or double-click an existing chart to access the chart's configuration panel.

  2. Select the Data tab.

  3. For C charts only, in the Data Configuration section, from the Sample Column list box select the data column to set as the sample column (the text labels that will appear on the x axis). When you select a sample column, the column will no longer appear in the Data Columns list.

  4. For P, Np, and U charts, if required, enter a constant sample size. You can either select the Constant option button and enter the sample size in the box, or select the Data Source option button and click the Configure Data Source button to specify source data.

  5. To change the color associated with a data column, click the colored box beside the column ID and select a color from the color palette.

  6. To change the width or style of the data column's line, select the column ID in the Data Columns box and select a new value from the Line Width list box or the Line Style list box. This step does not apply to Histogram charts.