Configuring SPC Charts

There are several common procedures associated with SPC charts. For example, SPC charts are all inserted into a display in the same way. Also, the SPC charts have many configurable properties in common. When you insert any SPC chart, all general properties, data source properties, font, and legend settings are configured in the same way; therefore, the procedures will be the same for all charts. This section guides you through these common tasks.

There are a few SPC charts that have unique properties, and in some cases procedures for variable charts may be different than those of attribute charts. You can access chart-type specific procedures from the Help button on each chart's configuration panel, or you can refer to the chart-specific section of this e-book - SPC Chart Types.

NOTE: Many of the procedures in this section are not only common to all SPC charts, but they are also common to other Proficy Portal objects, such as category charts, event charts, and so forth.

The following provides a basic procedure for configuring an SPC chart:

  1. To insert an SPC chart or modify an existing chart, select one of the following:

  2. To set the chart's name and title, modification restriction, antialiasing option, background appearance, and control line display options, select one of the following:

  3. To select a data source and/or configure bad data handling and data export options, select from the following:

  4. NOTE: Your chart will already have a data source if you used the drag-and-drop method of inserting the chart.

  5. To configure Tool Tip and control limit options, select from the following:

  6. To set alarm tests for a chart, select the following:

  7. To configure axes and grid settings, select from the following:

  8. To set legend and font options, select from the following: