Thumbnail in Run-time

A Thumbnail object will open a chart or a grid when clicked in the run-time environment. Depending on how the Thumbnail object is configured, the analysis object will open in a new window, or will open in full frame.

Thumbnails are not editable in the run-time environment. To configure thumbnails in a display, you must have access to the configuration environment. You can, however, add data sources to a Thumbnail, but only if the Thumbnail is configured as full frame, and only using the drag and drop method. For more information, see Dragging and Dropping data in Run-time.

There is limited interaction between the display that launches the Thumbnail popup window and the chart/grid in the popup window. For example, if you have a button on the display that loads pen groups, you will not be able to use this method to load pen groups into a Thumbnail chart. As an alternative, you can right-click the Thumbnail chart and select Load Pen groups from the context menu.

The Thumbnail object does have interaction with objects in the display when they are linked to it. For example, if a Time Component object is linked to a Thumbnail object that displays a Time chart, when you click the Thumbnail to pop up the chart, the chart will be updated with the selected times.

Depending on how the template for the object is configured, you may be able to use scroll buttons and/or a Quick Time control to change the time criteria in the object. Depending on how time settings are configured, you may also be able to control time criteria with the display-level controls (the run-time toolbar), but only if the Thumbnail object is set to appear in full frame. If the Thumbnail object is set to appear in a pop-up window, then you will not be able to use the run-time toolbar with that object.

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